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Alexandria Realty Termite Inspection Report

Termite Solutions for Home Buyers & Sellers

Purchasing or offering a home? Let the well-trained termite and wetness specialists at Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions offer you with peace of mind. Our inspections are constantly thorough, detailed, and, most notably, truthful evaluations of the home or structure. Our inspectors are all trained to conduct WDIR inspections and constantly follow industry-standard standards.

What is a wood destroying insect {report/inspection? This is an inspection, normally required for the sale of a home or structure, with the objective of recognizing any wood-destroying pests or organisms. Normally thought of as a termite assessment, this report needs to also recognize any other wood-destroying pests such as dull beetles and carpenter bees and any associated damages.

In a number of areas of the country, a wetness assessment is also required. This is an inspection of the base of a home that is focused on recognizing any prospective wetness conditions, damages such as rot or wood decay fungi, and any possible conditions that would contribute to either.

A lot of termites are brought in to damp wood in your home or company. From over-watered ornamental trees to beams that are saturated because of seepage behind a wall, there are typically several dangers on each property. Termites cost Americans billions of dollars in cumulative damages each year. Regrettably, insurance companies do not generally cover the cost of damages related to these insects. Lost performance at work, destroyed home furniture, and damaged wood on your structure are simply a few examples of possible damages.

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Routine Termite Evaluations

Think about termite extermination as your yearly wellness examination. While there might not be a problem at the moment, you need to know if you are at risk for one. Just as a significant preventable health issue could cost you thousands of dollars in wasted time from work, pricey medical treatments and medications, a termite invasion is a costly but preventable issue. You might have to tear down walls, change costly support beams, or pay for new textiles. These procedures cost thousands of dollars and might force you out of your home for a week or longer.

Dampwood termites and subterranean termites like wet or rotting wood. Nevertheless, subterranean termites will chew dry wood too. Likewise, drywood termites will ruin beams, furniture, paper, and textiles. They might destroy your wallpaper, crucial documents, or perhaps valuable household pictures. While any type of termite invasion is substantial, subterranean termites are particularly harmful. They ruin wood strongly and are known for constructing huge nests quickly.

How to Detect a Termite Infestation

The most unfortunate part of a termite issue is that it generally goes undiscovered till it is serious. Termites are elusive and chew wood from behind the walls or the front-facing sides of visible beams in your home or garage. Our specialists know how to recognize any size of termite issue.

When we visit your property, we look for common signs of termites, that include the following:

Likewise, we assess your property for signs of extreme wetness. Water stains on the ceiling, mold growth, blocked rain gutters, and roofing leaks are typically tied to extreme wetness. We discover the source and explain the concern to you during the see. You receive an immediate report that includes a plan to fix the concern.

Fixing the Problem

While termites might be brought in to wood that is wet, extreme wetness and termites are two different issues. Our service to remove the wood-destroying insects includes a liquid compound that eliminates their entire colony quickly. Although you might have expensive damages to address afterward, fortunately is that we offer a cost effective guarantee with our service. The service warranty includes prevention of future invasions with a special treatment strategy.

In addition to preventing termites, we minimize the source of tourist attraction by installing wetness control items. Dehumidifiers, sump pumps, and other gadgets might be advised depending upon your scenario. These also assist avoid other problematic insects and mold, which is also not normally covered by insurance coverage. If you own a home or company in Rosemont, Del Ray, Huntington, Braddock, Belle Haven, Clover, Saint Elmo, Hume, College Park, Fair Haven or near by counties, our services assist you save money.

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We at Alexandria Pest Control Services realize how important it is to protect your home and business.

Ant Control

Ants are prevalent throughout the country and damage both food and property. You're at risk of getting sick and developing health problems from them. The stings of ants can be dangerous in certain areas of the USA. The first step toward removing an ant infestation in your home in Alexandria is to determine the species of ant that is present. Understanding ants' anatomy and differences are crucial to determining which control method to employ to remove ants from your home.. DIY ant control methods are typically not effective. With our professional help, you can get rid of ants and find out what solution is best for your problem.

Bed Bug Control

It's often a challenge to eradicate bed bugs, so most over-the-counter treatments fail - or the bedbugs return because most people don't know what to look for or where to treat for bedbugs. The majority of infestations call for treatments from a bedbug removal expert. At Alexandria Pest Control, we're able to eliminate bedbugs because we use a comprehensive extermination process utilizing the latest products and technology. Our bedbug treatment guide provides a comprehensive list of steps to help you prepare. If you are experiencing a bed bug problem, set up a free bed bug inspection by calling 703-972-5252!

Roach Control

During the day, cockroaches spend the daylight hours hiding under refrigerators, stoves, walls, and in between baseboards and floors. They are attracted to warm, damp environments. Also, they can be found behind pictures and inside electronic equipment. Openings will lead to voids in the walls in many cases. During the night, pests leave these locations to forage for food and water. If you see roaches throughout the day, you probably have an infestation. Don’t spend another day with cockroaches in your house. Now is the time to call 703-972-5252!

Bee Control

Although bees get a bad rap in the pest world, the truth is that most of them won't sting unless provoked. Nevertheless, when bees nest close to your home or place of business, they can pose a threat. You need to address any bee problems you are experiencing immediately. If somebody in your household has an allergic reaction to bee stings, these pests can create a serious health risk. Eliminating a hive of bees or attempting to remove bees yourself is never effective. We recommend contacting our bee extermination specialists at 703-972-5252.

Mice Control

Do not hesitate to call us at 703-972-5252 if you have a mice problem or issue. A mouse treatment professional will inspect your house or commercial property and provide you with a mice removal estimate. They eat food intended for humans and pets, which poses a contamination risk, and their constant gnawing causes structural damage. You must prevent diseases from spreading if you think you may have a mouse problem. We will exterminate rodents as soon as possible.

Flea Removal Services

Property owners would agree that fleas are an unpleasant and horrible experience. Both humans and animals are at risk when they come into contact. It can cause various medical conditions for animals, including skin irritation, hair loss, and dermatitis. Fleas can burrow into human hair, causing itchiness. Alexandria Pest Control flea removal services are tested to protect your family members. Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions offers free estimates.

Rat Control

Are you in need of the services of an experienced rat exterminator? Are you worried that there is a rat problem in your home? In addition to carrying diseases, rats can damage your house and cause damage to your property. It's one of the most frequently encountered rodents in the area and also one of the hardest to get rid of. You need to protect your home against rodent infestations with the help of our rat exterminators. Whether it's a residential or commercial job, we have a few different methods and rodent control experts on hand to help you eliminate the rodent problem. This will ensure that you don't cause any harm to your children.

Rodent Control

The experience of dealing with a rodent infestation can be extremely frustrating, especially if the house owner has never dealt with rodents before. Rodents generally invade homes and other structures searching for food or to escape harsh weather. In addition to causing substantial property damage, rodents pose a health risk to residents as well. Aside from spreading fleas and other parasites, rodents also crawl on unclean surfaces and spread germs across contaminated areas. Rodents can be a real problem inside your home or business. Call our rodent control professionals in Alexandria VA for a free estimate.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes disrupt parties, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. Mosquito spraying specialists in the area can help homeowners take advantage of the beautiful weather conditions. In addition to being a nuisance, mosquitoes can also be highly harmful. When you exterminate mosquitoes from your residential or commercial property, you can spend more time outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather. In addition, it also helps you keep both you and your family safe from the harmful diseases these insects are known to carry. You should call our mosquito exterminators if you want to control mosquitoes.

Termite Inspection

Damage caused by termites is more than upsetting when it becomes apparent. A termite infestation does a lot of damage to a house before it is detected. Since most homeowner insurance policies do not cover termite damage, house owners are even more compelled to take precautionary measures to protect their homes from wood-destroying organisms. Immediate treatment is necessary when it concerns termite removal. We have trained termite experts that can determine the specific type of termite you have, and then execute a comprehensive plan that will eliminate it completely. Waiting too long will lead to disaster. Speak with us today to schedule a free termite inspection!

Spider Exterminator

There are spiders in City of Alexandria that can pose a threat to property owners. There are many risks associated with spiders in the house. Spiders normally create spider webs near windows, doors, and ceilings. Despite most spiders not being poisonous, they might bite if threatened. Spider bites are typically accompanied by inflammation and itching around a red welt. A spider-free home is essential to avoiding spider bites. If you notice spiders around your home, let our experts handle the problem for you. With many years of experience in getting rid of spiders in Alexandria Virginia, we can eliminate your spider problem permanently.

Tick Removal

Ticks are parasitic insects meaning they will latch on and feed off the blood of their host. When wild animals cross your property regularly, ticks can get into your home or business. This can make controlling them a challenging process. We offer tick control services at Alexandria Pest Control that will decrease the tick population in your residential or commercial property. Get tick control for your property in Alexandria VA by contacting us now! Our years spent in the industry have taught us the highest-quality methods to eliminate ticks so your family can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about unwanted visitors.

Wasp Control

Wasps are among the most dangerous pests out there, and the most dangerous part is that they tend to nest near homes. Throughout the Virginia, yellow jackets sting backyards during the warmer months. There are several kinds of wasps, and many of them can be irritating around the house. Yellowjackets are the most noticeable sign of an infestation close to your house. Check the walls and eaves of your home for wasp nests. Take care not to get too close, as some types of wasps can be quite aggressive. Yellowjacket stings can be deadly for people who are allergic to them. If you see a wasp nest on your residential or commercial property or near your house, contact a local wasp control company right away! If you are experiencing these pest problems, you should not try to handle them yourself. You need the assistance of an expert.

Commercial Pest Control Service

If you own a business, you know how vital commercial pest control is to safeguard your investment and your livelihood from pests and rodents. You place your customers at the heart of everything you do, whether it's maintaining a positive reputation or increasing your income. Insects and rodents in your property can impact the way your customers view you and your business. They can also pose a serious threat to your employees, your clients, and your business. Even though bugs and rodents are small, their impact on your business can be massive. For your benefit, we have experience providing pest control to all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, including industrial machinery, airplane hangars, medical offices, restaurants, parking garages, apartment buildings, supermarkets, high rises, institutions, health care facilities, houses of worship, condos, shopping centers, ranches, shopping malls, municipal buildings, banks, night clubs, warehouses, nursing homes, movie theatres, association complexes, schools, parking decks, hospitals, offices, industrial plants, daycare centers, and more.

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