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Alexandria Mosquito Control

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No matter which part of Virginia you call home, mosquitoes most likely inhabit your backyard. These relentless pests love to breed in your yard and feast upon your friends and family. Hiring a company of top-rated mosquito control experts can absolutely help you reclaim your yard. Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions is here to help.

Backed by over a ten years of experience serving Rosemont, Del Ray, Huntington, Braddock, Belle Haven, Clover, Saint Elmo, Hume, College Park, Fair Haven and City of Alexandria, we’ve helped countless homeowners and business owners rid their residential or commercial properties of these annoying pests. Our mosquito control services in Alexandria gets at the source of the problem to make sure that they are gone for good. Our staff are so confident in our professional services, we back them with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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The Importance of Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can easily make your time outdoors an unpleasant experience. A quiet night in your yard may end early after a number of mosquito bits. Painful bites can irritate the skin, leaving you uncomfortable and itchy. While lotions can help, you’ll still have to deal with the bites for a few days while they heal.

Mosquito bites are frustrating, it’s important to realize that mosquitoes also carry diseases. These diseases include West Nile virus, malaria, and Zika virus. Some of the diseases carried by mosquitoes may cause severe or deadly outcomes. If your backyard has a significant mosquito population, contacting our Alexandria mosquito control service can help you guard your family members from the harmful health effects of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control Tips

Home owners can take a several easy steps to protect their properties from these irritating insects. First, remove areas where water gathers and stagnates. An empty flowerpot filled with sprinkler water could become a popular mosquito breeding ground. Good property upkeep can help eliminate other places mosquitoes congregate, such as overgrown hedges and shrubs. When you’re outdoors, you can do a few things to help stop mosquito bites, including wearing mosquito repellents and covering up your skin.

These suggestions can help decrease the impact of mosquitoes, you may need professional services to deal with a bigger infestation. A professional pest control company can help identify locations where mosquitoes live in your yard and help you deal with those spots. Pest experts also have access to tools that can help eradicate these obnoxious pests.

Recover Your Backyard with Expert Pest Control Services

Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions offers an exhaustive list of pest control services to help you take back your grounds from pests. Our experts utilize pest control programs that can help stop your yard’s mosquito population from growing out of control.

The first step of our program consists of a detailed inspection of your property. Our experts will walk through your property and look for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes and spots where adult mosquitoes may be hiding. Next, we will take targeted measures to deal with these areas with our treatment options. Dealing with mosquitoes is not anyone’s idea of a good time. In the event that you’ve stopped going out into your backyard because of mosquitoes, it’s time to call a team of experts.

Our pest exterminators can also eliminate:

Our pest control company offers competitively priced services for Alexandria and City of Alexandria area property owners. Contact us today for a free quote for your property.

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When you hire Alexandria Pest Control Services, we understand how important protecting your home and business is.

Ant Control

In America, you can find ants all over the country, and they can be destructive to your food and your property. Your house can become a breeding ground for illness and health risks. Ants can sting in some parts of the USA and can be dangerous. Identifying the species of ant involved in an ant infestation in Alexandria is the first step to getting rid of it. Understanding how ants are different from each other is essential for the selection of the right method to use to eliminate ants from your home.. Ant control DIY methods are usually ineffective. We can recommend ant extermination solutions and provide expertise on ant extermination.

Bed Bug Control

Many over-the-counter bed bug treatment products do not work - or return the bedbugs - because most people do not know what to look for or where to treat for bedbugs. Treatments from a bedbug removal specialist are necessary for almost all infestations. Because we use methods and products that are state-of-the-art, Alexandria Pest Control is effective as a bedbug exterminator. To assist you with preparation for bedbug treatment, we present you with a comprehensive list of steps. Make an appointment for a free bed bug inspection at 703-972-5252 if you suspect a bed bug problem!

Roach Control

During daylight hours, cockroaches prefer warm, moist environments, and they spend their time hiding in dark, remote sites under refrigerators, stoves, walls, and between baseboards and floors. Additionally, they may be found behind photographs and on electronic equipment. A majority of these openings will eventually lead to voids in the walls. In the evenings, pests leave these areas in search of food and water. Infestations of roaches throughout the day may indicate there is a large population present. Spend no more time in a house with cockroaches. We are here for you at 703-972-5252!

Bee Control

Bees indeed get a bad rap in pest control, but the truth is that they don't sting unless provoked. Nonetheless, when bees nest close to your home or business, they can annoy you. You need to resolve a bee problem right away if you experience it. In homes where people with allergies to bee stings live, these pests can prove to be a danger to the health of many people. Eliminating a hive or eliminating bees yourself is a terrible idea. Call our bee extermination specialists at 703-972-5252.

Mice Control

We will gladly assist you in resolving any mice issues and problems at 703-972-5252. A mouse treatment professional will inspect your house or commercial property and provide you with a mice removal estimate. A mouse will eat food meant for humans or family pets which can cause contamination issues and their continuous gnawing causes damage to structures and property. It is crucial to prevent the spread of the disease if you suspect you have a mouse problem. Get rodent extermination services from our experts!

Flea Removal Services

Most property owners would agree that there is absolutely nothing worse than discovering you have fleas. Whenever humans and animals come into contact, they are both at risk. A variety of medical issues can develop in animals, such as skin irritation, hair loss, and dermatitis. Infestations of fleas in human hair can cause itching. Alexandria Pest Control protects your family members by eliminating fleas. Get a free estimate from Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions today.

Rat Control

Need a reliable rat exterminator to help you? What do you think about rat infestations in your house? Rats transmit diseases, damage your property, and can destroy your home. They are among the most common rodent in the area and the most difficult to eliminate. With our rat exterminators, you can prevent rat infestations in your house. With rodent control experts working to help remove the rodent problem without harming your children, we offer service for both residential and commercial properties.

Rodent Control

House owners who have never dealt with rodents can be frustrated if they experience a rodent infestation for the first time. Rodents usually enter homes and other structures in search of food or to avoid harsh weather. Animals such as rodents can cause substantial property damage and pose serious health risks. Rodents spread germs throughout contaminated areas as well as carrying fleas and other parasites. Contact our rodent control experts in Alexandria VA if you observe rodent activity inside your home or business.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes cause problems at parties, barbeques, and other outdoor gatherings. Our mosquito spraying services enable area homeowners to fully enjoy the fine weather conditions. Mosquitoes can be more than just a nuisance; they are also dangerous. By eliminating mosquitoes from your home or business, you can get outside much more often and take advantage of the beautiful weather in the state. Additionally, you and your family will also be protected from the harmful diseases that these insects carry. You should call our mosquito exterminators if you want to control mosquitoes.

Termite Inspection

When you find evidence of termite damage, it can be more than upsetting. Before termites are detected, they cause considerable damage to a house. It is common for homeowners' insurance not to cover termite damage, making it even more critical for homeowners to take preventative measures to protect themselves and their families. The removal of termites needs to be done immediately. There are many types of termites, and our knowledgeable termite exterminators are trained to determine which type is causing the issue. They then deliver an extermination plan that fully resolves the issue. It is never too late to take action. Request your free termite inspection today!

Spider Exterminator

There are spiders in City of Alexandria that can pose a threat to property owners. Spiders are dangerous creatures that present many risks to a house. Near windows, doors, and ceilings, spiders often create unwelcome webs. The majority of spiders do not bite unless they are threatened. The most common spider bite symptoms are swelling and itching around a red welt. It is crucial to remove spiders from your house if you want to prevent spider bites. Let our experts handle spiders at your house if you notice them. With many years of experience in getting rid of spiders in Alexandria Virginia, we can eliminate your spider problem permanently.

Tick Removal

Ticks are parasitic insects meaning they will latch on and feed off the blood of their host. If you have a residential or commercial property, ticks are constantly brought onto it by wild animals that cross it. We at Alexandria Pest Control offer tick control services that can reduce the number of ticks on your residential or commercial property. If you need tick control for your property in Alexandria VA, contact us now. Our years spent in the industry have taught us the highest-quality methods to eliminate ticks so your family can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about unwanted visitors.

Wasp Control

Wasps are among the most dangerous pests out there, and the most dangerous part is that they tend to nest near homes. Every year, yellow jackets from the stinging family of yellow jackets invade backyards across the region during the summer months. Many kinds of wasps sting your house and cause problems. Yellowjackets are the most obvious signs of an infestation around your home. Check your walls and eaves for wasp nests. You should not get too close to some types of wasps as they are quite aggressive. The bite of a yellow jacket can be unbearable and even fatal for those with allergies. If you see a wasp nest on your residential or commercial property or near your house, contact a local wasp control company right away! If you are experiencing these pest problems, you should not try to handle them yourself. You need the assistance of an expert.

Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial pest control safeguards the investment and livelihood of your business from rats and pests. What you do depends on your customers, from maintaining a positive reputation to increasing income. Rodents and insects in your property can negatively impact the perception that your customers have of you and your company. Additionally, they can pose grave risks to the safety of your employees and clients. Though bugs and rodents are usually small, their effect on your business's bottom line can be significant. The good news is that we have experience in professional pest control for all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, including industrial machinery, airplane hangars, medical offices, restaurants, parking garages, apartment buildings, supermarkets, high rises, institutions, health care facilities, houses of worship, condos, shopping centers, ranches, shopping malls, municipal buildings, banks, night clubs, warehouses, nursing homes, movie theatres, association complexes, schools, parking decks, hospitals, offices, industrial plants, daycare centers, and more.

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