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How to Tell the Difference Between a Mouse and a Rat Infestation in Your Home

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We have all had a moment of pure terror when seeing a mouse skitter across the floor at some point in our lives. While mice can be endearing in certain settings, they are undoubtedly the scariest item to encounter unexpectedly in the afternoon. While mice can be unpleasant, seeing rats can be far scarier. The following are some methods for evaluating whether your home is infested by mice or rats chewing at your furniture.

The Aroma

The odor of mouse urine is one of the most strong and visible signs of rodent infestation. Occasionally, we smell the odor of mice’s pee, however, it is negligible compared to rat urine. You may be wondering how the improvement would be noticeable. Assume that when your cabinet suddenly begins to smell like days-old cheese, you have rats, not mice.

However, if the infestation has grown to the point where you can smell the rodents, debating which rodent is scurrying around in your home may be fruitless. As a result, contact our personnel to ensure your home does not smell like a dumpster.

There Dimensions

Because rats are far larger than mice, the simplest way to tell them apart is to identify the running rodents. Although mice are normally four inches long with short tails, rats can reach a length of eighteen inches. While we can already hear your eyes rolling, it’s critical to remember that if you’re unable to identify the rodents, their droppings may provide a clue.

Rodent droppings reveal the size of the animal that exited the place. Mouse droppings are typically small, measuring less than a half-inch in diameter. Rat droppings, on the other hand, can reach a diameter of more than a half-inch, almost the size of rice grains.

Markings on the Chew and Claw

While both mice and rats may wreak havoc on your pantry and furnishings, they’re gnaw marks distinguish them. Rats usually leave larger tooth impressions on objects or surfaces, whereas mice create microscopic tooth impressions. If small scratches and chew marks are visible on a surface, you almost surely have mice.

Attempt to be mindful of any wires or other furniture that may be present in your home. Mice may leave few traces on your furniture due to their preference for softer material for nesting, but rats are another story. Rats can gnaw through a wide variety of hard surfaces, and if you notice frayed cable or even holes in your drywall, you may have a new rat companion.

Rodents Extermination

If your home is infested with rats or mice, you may be wondering how to keep these furry pests out. To be sure, the ideal course of action is to keep a clutter-free home. Cleaning your home regularly prevents rodents from detecting food in your trash or anywhere else you just ate. Even routine sweeping can help keep rodents out of your home.

Check for leaks in your pipes, as increased moisture will encourage rodents to build nests nearby. Take the time to seal any unrefrigerated food! While rats may chew through some packaging, leaving food exposed or improperly closed makes it easier for rodents to find your food. Finally, attempt to repair any cracks or holes discovered around your house. If you are not vigilant, rodents will enter your home through holes in your windows and walls.

Rodent control is one of our experts at Capital K9 Bed Bug Solutions. Call us at (703) 972-5252 and we’ll make certain your home remains rodent-free!


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